Darkness at Noon Catalogue

A catalogue to accompany the exhibition ‘Darkness at Noon’ curated by Ruth Calland and with essays by Nick Medford and Stephanie Moran.

Artists: Clarke, Deb Covell, Gordon Dalton, Jeff Dellow, Natalie Dowse, Susan Gunn, Susie Hamilton, Ruth Philo, David Lock, Paula MacArthur, Sekai Machache, Andi Magenheimer, Enzo Marra, Monica Metsers, Paul Newman, Sikelela Owen, Chantal Powell, Cherelle Sappleton, Anna Sebastian, Sarah Sparkes, Harvey Taylor, Mimei Thompson, Casper White, Jonathan Waller, Joanna Whittle.

Catalogue design by Phil Illingworth at IDprojects

Darkness at Noon: 4 – 14th November 2021, APT Gallery, London