Fenella Fielding: Actress

8 November – 18 December 2022
Fenella Fielding: Actress is an exhibition curated by Fionn Wilson and Simon McKay.

An exhibition of new Fenella portraits painted by: Natalie Dowse | Sal Jones | Cathy Lomax | Jeanette Watkins | Fionn Wilson. It also includes 3D and moving works by: Patrick Boyd | Martin Firrell | Andrew Logan

“Artist Fionn Wilson (who recently curated an ACE sponsored exhibition about Christine Keeler) has coordinated the creation of 15 new portraits by 5 artists. The artists did not get to meet Fenella, but through her estate were able to visit her home and hear about her from her close friend and biographer Simon McKay. He gave them access to many unseen images, part of the Fenella Fielding Archive, that they have since used for their work.

The resulting group exhibition examines Fenella’s film and theatre career, her carefully crafted image, the much-celebrated Carry On Screaming smoking scene and Fenella as herself, in unguarded moments.

‘Fenella Fielding: Actress’ exhibition at Gallery 286, London – view through the window

In addition to these portraits, there will be a room of 3D Fenella exhibits including Andrew Logan’s 2002 Fenella head, Martin Firrell’s 2014 metaFenella and Patrick Boyd’s newly created lenticular (moving) images.”