Cover of the publication: Going Home paintings and drawings by Natalie Dowse, a catalogue to accompany her Going Home exhibition.

The roads (going home)

Essay by Ed Woodroffe to accompany ‘Going Home’ exhibition and catalogue.

What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?
– Jack Kerouac, On the Road 1957 

Driving in the Opposite Direction
I am driving down the road. It is on the opposite side to the viewer of these paintings. I am coming towards you and you are driving past me. We are on separate roads that meet in the middle… Read More

Cover image of the publication: Skimming the Surface by Natalie Dowse, a catalogue to accompany her Skimming the Surface exhibition, Derby.

Skimming the Surface

Essay by Chloe Johnson to accompany ‘Skimming the Surface’ exhibition and catalogue.

The Vickers Award was established to support a rising artist to produce new work in response to the landscape, heritage and people of Derbyshire. In 2007-8 the theme underpinning the biennial residency was a ‘sense of place’. This term carries connotations of historical landmarks and traditional scenes. For Natalie Dowse, winner of the award, investigating the theme involved getting to know Derbyshire, an area which was entirely new to her. Dowse’s previous work had prepared her for this experience… Read More

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